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Dentist in Seattle An injury to your mouth can be a painful, expensive experience. For athletes, mouth and tooth injuries are a very real risk. Mouthguards are an excellent tool for protecting your mouth from injury and harm. Our team can help you find a solution that protects your teeth while you play. Why Wear […]

Dentist in Seattle Your gum health may have an impact on your cognitive function. One recent study found a correlation between gum disease and increased cognitive decline for people living with early stages of Alzheimer’s disease. While more studies are needed to make a definitive connection, this study illustrates the importance of continuing the conversation […]

HPV or Human Papillomavirus is a herpes simplex virus that is known to cause oral or genital herpes and certain cancers. Talk to your Seattle dentists at LeCuyer & Amato Dentistry if you have concerns regarding HPV. The recent link to oral cancer has put dentists on the frontlines of discussion, prevention, and education of […]